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Digital wayfinding app mock up

Addressing digital wayfinding for healthcare providers

Exploring innovative ways to guide users through a hospital


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Missed hospital appointments or patients showing up late to appointments is a challenge that many healthcare providers face, and the estimated cost to the NHS is thought to be in the millions. 

Technology has the potential to make life easier for patients, and can improve appointment efficiency for healthcare providers through digital wayfinding. WORTH chose to address this challenge and conceive a solution that would provide in-hospital navigation to your appointment via a mobile app.

“Over the next five years, every patient will have the right to online ‘digital’ GP consultations, and redesigned hospital support will be able to avoid up to a third of outpatient appointments – saving patients 30 million trips to hospital, and saving the NHS over £1 billion a year in new expenditure averted.”

NHS long term plan

Digital wayfinding mockup

The approach

Design research

Through carrying out in-person patient and environmental research we were able to gain behavioural insights and understand the common pain points. 

Persona creation

By articulating personas we were able to map the user’s online and physical journey to see how needs differed between users, and how the app might need to be developed to accommodate for this. 

Mock ups, prototyping and peer user testing

Testing the solution on potential users and gathering feedback on the prototype’s usability and usefulness.


Reducing patient stress and anxiety

Delivering patients to healthcare appointments for treatment, when they need it. 

Reducing healthcare costs

Missed appointments are reduced, saving healthcare providers’ time and resources. 

Engaging users with an easy-to-navigate interface

Crafting a positive outpatient experience through digital wayfinding


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