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Costa Coffee cup

Integrating a content management system for Costa Express

Enabling marketing to move faster with a new content management system and API grouping


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Costa Express supplies high quality coffee quickly and conveniently to over 8,000 self-serve coffee bar machines across the world. Their intelligent, barista-style technology attracts customers and serves as a direct marketing channel. 

In order to take advantage of this potential, they engaged WORTH to build a platform that would: 

  • Enable the Costa Express marketing department to run digital campaigns

  • Ensure high efficiency and deployment of marketing materials

  • Enable the selective deployment of marketing materials remotely

  • Automate machine updates, and captures sales information for business intelligence

“The campaign went live successfully in nearly 500 sites. With WORTH, we have set up a true and successful partnership to deliver this challenging project. A big thank you to all involved!”

Paul Borrett, Systems and Data Director, Costa Express

Costa Express CMS

The approach

Using agile ways of working our approach was focused on enabling Costa Express to achieve their business ambitions quickly and effectively, whilst delivering a quality product.

  • Initial discovery activity to refine the backlog, prepare wireframes and carry out end user reviews.

  • Working in increments of two week sprints to align with activities in parallel projects and enable ongoing iterations and feedback.

  • Quality assurance, security and performance testing built into the process rather than added as a later bolt on. 

  • Multidisciplinary teams working together alongside the client in blended teams to hasten delivery, enhance creativity and provide open and transparent ways of working.


Establishing security and robustness

Machine-automated updates, with two-factor authentication. 

Adapting technology to meet business needs

Structured content to efficiently distribute marketing material to 8000 Costa Express machines, worldwide. 

Facilitating speed and efficiency

Enhancing speed, efficiency and adaptability of the marketing engine.


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