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Team as a service

WORTH provides high performing digital teams that can act as an extension of your existing delivery team. Capable of onboarding quickly, understanding your challenges and delivering value immediately, we offer a range of packages that can be scaled up or down to suit projects of all sizes.


Our talent is enabling yours

The WORTH service model isn’t about parachuting in a team to tell you what to do, nor will we just build you stuff and then leave. Our collaborative approach focuses on working alongside you, building great products and upskilling your team as we go. We also offer a fully-remote delivery model that can work alongside you from anywhere in the world.

Scalable packages to suit projects of all sizes


Good for a short term resource crisis or filling a skills gap in your existing team

We can provide individual specialists or a mini product team to supplement your existing development team. Benefit from experienced and knowledgeable individuals without going through an expensive hiring process.


Good for product, project or service delivery

Depending on your requirements we can provide a fully-cross functional team that can scale up or scale down on demand. We can either manage and deliver the whole project or embed within your existing teams. Either way you’ll benefit from our collaborative approach to knowledge sharing.


Good for large scale transformations

We can provide multi-team support for large scale product development, overhauling legacy systems or cloud engineering. We can also provide embedded expertise at a leadership level to provide coaching and support for the transformation of your infrastructure and operations.


Expertise and capabilities

With more than 100 Strategic leaders, Product Designers, Software Engineers, QAs, DevOps and Security specialists, Delivery Managers and Business Analysts, we will help you reach your goal. Our capabilities include:

  • UX research and design

  • Full stack web & mobile development

  • GDS

  • Cloud enablement

  • System integrations

  • Data services

  • Technology strategy and transformation

How we deliver

People-focused solutions

We recognise that delivery is about people – your people.  We will work with them, listen to them, teach them, learn from them and give you not just a better product but a more confident and productive team.

True collaboration

The majority of our business comes from years-long relationships with repeat clients. They partner with us because they trust our open and honest approach to working together ‘out in the open’ to deliver.

Fully dedicated staffing

Our model is based on maintaining high operability for you. From day 1 our teams are dedicated to your needs. Their time is yours and is not split across any other projects, meaning it can be scaled up or down on demand.

Value-driven processes

Simply put, if it doesn’t add value we don’t do it. We believe that a working prototype and real user feedback is worth more than thousands of pages of business plans, so we focus on getting the work done, rather than wasting your time or budget on fancy presentations.

Our work in action

"We've seen a huge internal impact, and we feel confident that it's the right way of working. We have created a culture of change and have pivoted the way we create a product. We've learnt a lot about designing a product with a customer, rather than for a customer."

Calvin Mills - Tech Lead, AXA Health

Let's find out what we can do together


Integrating a content management system to help marketing move faster

Adapting technology to meet the business needs of a global coffee giant.


Digital Transformation in healthcare insurance 

Transforming a product development approach to launch a new app to market within 12 months and increase business efficiency in a global insurance firm.

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