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Carbon Reduction plan

Our plan ensures that we:

  • Continue to adopt carbon neutral behaviour.

  • Extend these behaviours to home working.

  • Form new initiatives to promote carbon neutral behaviour.


What projects do we have to reduce our carbon emissions?

Existing initiatives:

  • We encourage our employees to work remotely where possible; this reduces unnecessary travel emissions. 

  • The company uses LED lighting to keep energy consumption down.

  • The company uses appliances that have a high energy rating efficiency, to keep energy consumption low.

  • Energy saving modes are standard on laptops to reduce energy consumption at times of low activity.

  • A cycle to work scheme exists which allows employees to purchase bikes at a reduced cost, incentivising the use of emission free transport.

  • Electronic equipment is replaced when required, rather than on a regular cycle; this means that working devices are not under utilised or wasted.

  • Recycle or donate retired electronic equipment.

  • Employees have access to a suite of Google products to allow for real-time collaboration (including Docs, Sheets, Drive), which use 100% renewable energy and promote a paperless culture.

  • A range of waste materials are recycled in the office; this includes plastics, paper, metals and glass.  

  • Employees are provided with reusable water bottles and cups to reduce the need for single use plastics. Single use cups have been replaced with reusable ones in the office.


Potential initiatives for the future:

  • Explore initiatives or schemes which incentivise the adoption of electric vehicles.

  • Develop partnerships with other businesses who are also actioning a carbon commitment.

  • Invite suggestions from employees about how we can further our efforts to reduce our collective carbon footprint, inviting home working suggestions.

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